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I have to say that my hand eczema is well controlled at the moment, which is such a result.

I seem to have brought things under control, for the time being at least. I know that I am always singing the praises for my regime of Childs farm products during the daytime and Hydromol Ointment overnight, but the truth is it seems to be working.

My hands have not been this good since I cannot remember when and with all of the hot weather we are experiencing in Wales at the moment I would have expected quite the reverse. I really hope that this condition will at the very least remain controlled by my efforts.

Let's hope that my regime can help others suffering from Hand Eczema to bring the condition under control without the use of medication.

To repeat, my regime is this:

  1. Shower and hairwash using Childs Farm Hair and Body Wash (smells great).
  2. Apply Childs Farm Hand Moisturiser as needed throughout the day.
  3. Wear cotton gloves when driving.
  4. Plenty of Hydromol Ointment under cotton gloves overnight.

Quite simple but for me it has been a life changer, I am happy to shake hands without embarrassment at the moment and that has not happened for a long time. Yes my hands still itch on occasions and the odd dry patch looks a little flaky but generally all is well.

Give it a try, who knows it may well work for you too!

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