Back with a vengeance

/ Hands, Flareup

After experiencing several weeks where my hand eczema has been less intense than usual it has come back big time.

I suppose it was just too good to last, the skin on my hands is flaking off and there are numerous deep splits at my finger joints and on my palms.

Just what has caused this sudden flare up is a mystery to me, I am not doing anything different to my normal daily routine. Hydromol and Childs Farm moisturiser are the only products that I use on my hands, a regime I have followed for many months now.My diet is virtually vegetarian and I have reduced the amount of dairy that I consume to almost zero.

Today I am feeling pretty low, this has gone on for years now with now end in sight it would seem. Doing the most simple of things, such as using a keyboard to write this, is painful. My hands are so dry all the time and the splits seem to appear before my eyes. No amount of moisturising seems to be effective. I have resorted to wearing cotton gloves for as much of the day as is possible in addition to my usual Hydromol/cotton gloves nightly routine.

It may be a case of using pharmacueticals to get this under control, something I wiil do only as a last resort as I have mentioned before. I will keep you updated as to my condition.

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