So I have bilateral hand eczema!

Or hyperkeratotic fissured hand eczema. Well that is what the medical profession call it amongst other things such as, Atopic Dermatitis and Irritant Hand Dermatitis. I prefer plain old Hand Eczema and it is a very debilitating condition that causes a great deal of pain and embarrassment. 'It's just a bit of flaky skin and a few splits on your hands' I am sometimes told. Well as a man I spend a lot of my time greeting other men with a handshake. Now this can cause several scenarios. I shake hands with someone who insists that a strong powerful grip is needed.....OUCH! or in the case of recently applied ointments or eczema hand cream, I get a look of surprise that my hands appear to be sweaty or wet and the handshake is quickly over. I find myself explaining that Hand Eczema is not contagious and it is not possible to pass it on by contact with another person.

Within these pages I am not offering any sort of medical advice regarding hand eczema, I am not qualified to do that, it is meant as a source of information to fellow suffers who may find my experiences of some relief for their own symptoms. I will write an occasional light hearted blog about the current condition of my hands and just where I am with my treatment regime. I hope this may just be of some help in your own attempts at controlling this awful condition.

Of course the internet is awash with supposed "cures" and treatments for Hand Eczema. These may be of benefit to some, each individual person seems to respond differently to the numerous methods on offer. I will be trying some of these and reporting the results, if any, within the blog section of this site. Please feel free to add your comments and own experiences to the blog pages.